First I give Thanks to the Almighty Father of All Creations who make all things possible.


Mahasia Ishabeth and the youths, I-tist, Muzikal Ben,  Sir Hill(control tower), Dub Farmer and BrotherJB (Equal Brothers), Sista Leah (Lioness), FredDread WebCam Hifi, Bunnington Judah (Itrol Tower), Anton (HighTone), Roberto Sanchez (LoneArk), KerruJahman JonahDan, Culture Japhet (JahRootsHiFi), Simon Nyabin, KanKa (Dubalistik), BongoBen, Ivan (GoodOverEvil), Might, Tim (Slimmah sound), LaGranJa Orchestra et Païka, Antoine (Jah Gaïa), Sorapan Kingpayome (Kay & Jo brother), TonyTone, Joris & thilbault (AskanDub), LionPAW, Cultural Warrior, spitfireSound (UK), Reveletion sound (IR), Selecta Fane, Ras Bongo Jahny, Greg ITP (Ithiopianik  music), Nkossi, Amata & Lucie, Dan I Locks, Sista Adilisha, Ras Shabbs, Mira, Collin Goodson & Willie London (Ka records), Dub Diffuser, Soundalpha, Selecta Sila, cedric et alexandre (HighLights reggae), Alex Tribulation (SE), Tom The Uplifter, Ras Elijah & Ras Alberto (ES), Zinxx, Jean Dubsonic, Raphaël Keystone records, Sista MaidMarion, Yoro Sangaré, Jeff Menzies, Victor Leeroy, Rangy, Jideh High, Instrument Of Jah Sound System, Rasta JP, Marco, Weeda Jah Militant,  Jah Disciple sound system, Nico & Bene ILL&GALL, Haizea & David tacumah & truthtown label, Matthias Dubwise, Jah Chariot, Stephen “Congo” Austin, Artizone, Ras Fred, Marcello Piccinini (IT), BayaDread, Selecta Jahdeck Peaceful Tribe, Dub Caravan, Manu Anty Bypass, Dub Foundry, StefLion LionRoots, Lion Youth Music (SE), Roots Hi-Tech, Mathew Nya, I-Station Conscious Embassy, Bredrin Records, I-Skankers Hifi, Fabyah & Daba Makourejah, Damien OIsMad, Bro Joe Pilgrim, Theo Irie on air, Soul of Anbessa, Kyle Sicarius, Mr Zebre, Fabrice Lacroix, Dan Man, Rico & GuyOhm OBF, Joe Martin, Idren Natural, RDH Hifi, Duke Records, Nicodrum, Zionnoiz, I-Mitri Counteraction,, Deedar Zaman, Operation Sound, Jumping Lion Sound, Ubik Sound, SkankalaIrie, Idren Anbessa, Von D, Flo Van & Benjamin Zulu Vibes, Joe Martin,  Dawa Hifi, Youthman Skankers, BonZeb La Maison, WestFinga, Skankytone, Ifi Roots Attack, Judi-K, Roots Arna, Mad Calypso, Ras Camille, Théo LikkaLion, Gappy Crucial & Devon, Iyah Ranks,   to all I have in connections …and  all who works with the natural Hearbeat!  GIVE THANKS


Greetings to each and everyone who love and practice the heartbeat Nyabinghi movement. I’n’I binghi drums percussions.

I live in south-west of France and build Nyabinghi drums since years 2005.

I sell and send my binghi drums to all Europe and all world in very protected packages.

For every informations about sound, sizes, prices, payments and shipping – contact me

Bertrand Palué

- La fontpeyre -

+33 (0) 553 504 419